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Ceci May 2014
Anonymous asked
Hi there, I am really wanting to visit Japan/Korea and possibly work there but am worried about not making friends as I don't speak fluent Korean or Japanese. Do you have any advice for foreign people wanting to go to Korea or Japan? Your blog is awesome.

I really do wish I could give you some useful advice, but I have never been to an Asian country so I do not know. 




if you guys havent seen the recent stuff i put up, i added many tops, skirts,dresses,pants, and accessories. recently just added measurements on all dresses and bottoms for easier shopping as well

 ♡ If you feel like a price isn’t reasonable, feel free to email me and we will figure something out. I can also reserve items. also email me for any measurements you would like♡


Qi Wen backstage at Erdem S/S 2014